The precious metal, bought with the constant effort of many generations, kept for years and years in profound safety, only brought out for every new wedding day…

Gabriele D’Annunzio, The Triumph of the Death (1894)

La Presentosa is a traditional jewel from the Abruzzo region, a very ancient piece of art which dates back to the 18th century. It became famous when the poet Gabriele D’Annunzio described it in his masterpiece “The triumph of the death”.

The Presentosa is a nice jewel with the shape of a 7 (or more) points star, surrounded by a filigree decoration or an elegant string. This jewel was often given to young women as a promise of love: the word comes from “presente”, i.e. a present, a gift, which then turned into “presentenza” and “presentosa” in the local dialect. This is why the heart decoration is the most common for this jewel. It is a common belief that the jewel was a way to communicate the love for the other person.

In fact we can distinguish several  types of Presentosa: one with a big heart in the middle of the star and its meaning is being unmarried; with two hearts linked by key or by a ribbon, this one was given by the husband’s family to the bride as a promise of love; with a ship in the middle, it was donated to the spouse to symbolize the beginning of an happy and long life (journey) together. The jewel could be donated even to a girl on the day of her Communion and at the center of the Presentosa there was a dove. It was very common in the area of Lanciano, Valle Peligna and L’Aquila, but also in other areas of southern Italy: the most important manufacturing centers were Agnone and Guardiagrele.

It is very important to know and understand the origin and traditions before buying a typical piece of art from Abruzzo: the Presentosa is an expression of the extraordinary artistic and technical skills of goldsmiths; when you buy a Presentosa you are making an investment in emotions, sensations, history, traditions and, of course, you are buying an extraordinary present.

Presentosa, Pescarina, Pulsatilla: all variations based on the general concept of a pendant decorated with filigree, an amazing technique that allows to realize magnificient jewels with low amount of gold.

Moreover, we strive to promote all the exceptional expressions of handcrafted products inspired by this jewel. That’s why you will also find ceramics and other goods in our store.

Portava agli orecchi due grandi cerchi d’oro e sul petto la Presentosa, una grande stella di filigrana con in mezzo due cuori

Gabriele D’Annunzio, The Triumph of the Death (1894)

Ancient goldsmith shop

Ancient goldsmith workshop – Di Rienzo, Scanno