Giostra Cavalleresca in the land of Presentosa

Sulmona is one of the historical places where the Presentosa was first produced. It is a place with a long and remarkable history as well as important traditions. Today we present the “Giostra Cavalleresca di Sulmona”, a jousting tournament where modern knights “fight” against simulated opponents and against time, in the most spectacular event hosted by Read More

La Presentosa, goldsmith’s art as a therapy

Elastica-mente, this is the name of the project that psychologist dr. Mariachiara Pagone has realized bringing the ancient goldsmith’s tradition into the local Center for Mental Health. From October 2013 to June 2014 a team of 6 plus dr. Pagone, with the help of Alessio Mancinelli (the goldsmith who joined the team), have learned how to handle tools Read More in Italian

Sorry we’ve been busy for a while but we’re back now and you can easily understand what we’ve been working on. Our website is finally going multi-language and, of course, our first step is: Italian! Next step: Spanish… Grazie!

La Pulsatilla – A fairy tale

Un fiocco di neve si posò su queste montagne e poi altri, tanti. E fu l’inverno, il gelo, il candore della neve; anche il sole lanciò i suoi raggi incandescenti rendendo tutto irreale e poi sciolse quel manto. Ma nei luoghi più alti, più belli, alcuni fiocchi di neve, consumati dal tempo, come per incanto Read More