PRESENTOSA.COM® is a business venture created and owned by Giancarlo Di Marco, an Italian entrepreneur and designer.

The project PRESENTOSA.COM® was ideated in 2008 and during the last years it was developed and refined, thus creating the requirements to fully express its cultural and commercial potential.

All of our products are proudly MADE IN ITALY.

To all of you, from all of us at®– Thank you and Happy eCommerce!

Giancarlo Di Marco
Founder and CEO

| culture and history

Besides the commercial aspects, we have a passion for spreading Italian culture and lifestyle. In fact, the Presentosa is a jewel bound to an ancient tradition in Abruzzo, Italy.
The elegance of the Presentosa is synonymous with the typical design and traditional craftmanship of the Made in Italy style. We work every day to gather all the information on this unique object and tradition: we strongly believe that the cultural value of the object is way more relevant than the commercial price.


| e-commerce
The website is the commercial branch of the project, hosting the e-commerce service. Our intent is to spread the tradition of the Presentosa and the excellence of its handicraft throughout the world. Our catalogue will increase constantly, offering a great variety of items ranging from jewelry to pottery and accessories: all of our products are accurately selected taking into consideration the connection with local history and traditions and the quality of each product.

Our goal is to create a comprehensive marketplace with different types of products grouped into categories.

PRESENTOSA.COM® is a registered trademark.